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Module Guide
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Video Chapters

1. Welcome
2. Compass bearing 01m.49s
3. Have you met? 02m.53s
4. Multiple affects 05m.20s
5. Change one small thing? 08m.00s
6. What to change 09m.50s
7. What are you drawn to? 10m.46s
8. What to change first? 12m.20s
9. New awareness 14m.20s
10. Keep reading 15m.26s
11. What could we do better? 17m.25s
12. Stay in touch 17m.54s
13. Final assessment 18m.20s
14. Certificate assignment 19m.30s
15. The end of the beginning? 19m.45s
16. Video “Wolves Change Rivers” 20m.20s