Essential Inner Instruments of Development


We all want to help others. If you wish to enable another growth this is the course for you. You will discover your essential inner instrumentation and how you can use these instruments to help others develop. Learn how to better support and serve yourself and others.

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We may be interested in development but how do we develop? And how do we enable the development of others? These are vital questions we take with us into our daily life and work daily. We often become preoccupied with looking outwards for the instruments or tools that we think are essential to helping ourselves and others to develop and grow. These novel podcasts instead remind and strongly affirm to the practitioner that the essential instruments vital to development already reside within us

Through these podcasts, you are invited to look within and not without, to discover and learn how to develop yourself and others. You will discover the ‘self' as an instrument and learn in detail about 4 essential instruments that are vital to development, namely the spirit level, compass, wand and mirror. At the end of this short course, you will understand much more fully how you can be of value to others who come to you for support and guidance and become much more conscious and active in enabling development per se.

Course Facilitator

The course is written and presented by Andrew Machon. His lifelong passion has been an exploration of how we can enable the growth and development of others as well as ourselves. He sees himself as an artist and scientist. From his beginnings as a Research Biochemist. Andrew has become an experienced Coaching Supervisor, International Coach Trainer, Psychotherapist and Master Coach (ICF Certified) with over three decades of experience as a Change Specialist in global businesses. He is a Visiting Teaching Fellow on the MSC in Applied Positive Psychology at Buckinghamshire New University and Visiting Lecturer in Healthcare Sciences, College of Medicine at Cardiff University.

Who will benefit from this course?

This course will be of interest to anyone who wishes to increase their learning about development whatever their level of experience and expertise. If you wish to continue to develop as a coach, counsellor, teacher, parent or psychotherapist this course has been designed with your needs in mind.

Do I need any prior knowledge of positive psychology?

No prior knowledge of positive psychology is necessary for this course.

What will I learn?

  •  You will learn essentially how you can enable development.
  • That every one of us has a vital set of instruments within us.
  •  You will learn how each of these instruments works
  • And how you can activate and consciously use them to help you and those
    who turn to you to learn, develop, and grow in your everyday life and work
  •  You will learn how to enable others to take steps toward becoming the
    the person that they long to be

How is the course delivered?

The course comprises four podcasts which interrelate and build upon each other. Each podcast invites you to learn about an inner instrument essential to development. An interactive workbook accompanies this course and is available on the course page.

Is there an exam?

No. You will learn experientially as you watch each podcast and respond to the questions therein.


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