Introduction To Positive Psychology (Certificated)


This course is an introduction to the science of Positive psychology and entitles students to 10% on MAPP fees. The scientific study of that which enables us to thrive and flourish, is becoming increasingly recognised and adopted in business, education and healthcare. Unlike a lot of training courses, our emphasis is placed on experiential learning that encourages you to engage in a practical way with the material we provide. This version of the course is accompanied by a certificate on completion. Run in association with Buckinghamshire New University, a 10% discount on their  MAPP programme is available for those who complete the full course.

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Who is the course for? 

The course is designed to appeal to anyone who is interested in the subject of positive psychology. Whether you’re a coach, counsellor, health care worker, teacher, HR professional, or simply have an interest in self-development, we are sure this course will open your mind to the possibilities of positive psychology and the impact it could have on you and your relationships, in your personal and professional life.

Do I need any prior knowledge of positive psychology?

Absolutely not. Although the subject can be studied at an academic level (and many of the participants of our course do go on to enrol on the MSc Applied Positive Psychology (MAPP) Programme) this course provides an overview of the theory and encourages you to explore the concepts by applying them in your daily life.

What will I learn?

The course provides –

  • An overview of Positive Psychology, its theory and application
  • A scientific and subjective exploration of the topics, happiness, positive emotions, gratitude, strengths, resilience, growth mindset, and hope theory
  • Self-reflective and practical exercises designed to help you explore your personal and/or professional goals and what you would like to gain from the course

This course is designed to be highly interactive and encourages you to form your own opinions. Our participants have told us how effective they find this method of learning which has been described as ‘learning from the inside out’.

Course Overview

Click HERE to see an overview of the course modules.

How is the course delivered? 

The course is delivered in eight separate online modules that you can complete at your own pace.

We will recommend ways to record your thoughts and insights as you progress through the course and suggest some practical exercises to help you explore some of the positive psychology theories and positive interventions. You will have access to PDFs, videos, articles, discussion forum, and online support from your course facilitators.

Is there an exam?

There is no exam. Those participants who opt to receive the certificate from Buckinghamshire University and Positive Psychology Online Courses are asked to complete an end-of-course assignment. This is not marked as such but offers us information on how you have engaged with the course content and we will give you feedback.

Is there a discount for MAPP Applicants?

This course commonly leads to participants wishing to formally study the subject of Positive Psychology. We work in collaboration with Bucks New University MAPP course to support this possibility. Applicants who have completed our course with the certificate and are later accepted on the Buckinghamshire New University MAPP programme will be eligible for a 10% discount on their course fees

When can I start? 

This is an ongoing course so you can begin as soon as your registration process is complete.


About your online course facilitators


Piers Worth PhD

Piers retired as a ‘Reader’ (Associate Professor equivalent) at Buckinghamshire New University in the United Kingdom in 2019. He wrote and launched the University’s MSc Applied Positive Psychology (MAPP) programme in 2012 and worked on it until his retirement.

He is a Chartered Psychologist and accredited psychotherapist, in addition to having extensive organisational consulting experience. Currently, Piers’ research and writing focus is the application of positive psychology to lifespan development, positive aging, and in particular how creativity develops within individual lives.




Lesley Lyle MAPP

Lesley is uniquely qualified in positive psychology (MAPP), Clinical Hypnosis (Dip HE),  NLP, and laughter therapy, (author of the book ‘Laugh Your Way to Happiness’). She combines these disciplines in the wellbeing practice she runs in The New Forest and Harley Street, London.

Her experience as a student in the first cohort of the MSc Applied Positive Psychology (MAPP) Programme at Buckinghamshire New University and later an associate Lecturer enables her to provide prospective MAPP students with a multi-perspective on what studying positive psychology is like.



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