The Positive Psychology Toolkit©

The Positive Psychology Toolkit©

The Positive Psychology Toolkit© is the World’s No. 1 Online Positive Psychology Resource. It provides a wealth of science-based resources that have been developed by academics from a scientific and experiential background.

Who created it?

The Toolkit was designed and built by a team of seven positive psychology academics and practitioners with the support and assistance from some of the top researchers in the field.

Who is it for? 

The Positive Psychology Toolkit© is an invaluable resource for those helping individuals to flourish in their personal and professional life, and suitable for therapists, teachers, trainers, coaches, healthcare professionals, consultants, managers or those looking for ways to support their own wellbeing. 

This science-based toolkit offers a wealth of information and validated tools that will help you support others, whilst developing your practice and extending your career. 

What topics are covered? 

The Toolkit covers a wide range of  positive psychology topics including themes such as: communication, compassion, coping, emotions, goals, gratitude, meaning, mindfulness, mindset, resilience, savoring, self-acceptance, strengths and values.

What does the Positive Psychology Toolkit© Include?

The Positive Psychology Toolkit© provides the following:

  • 220 Positive Psychology Exercises
  • 28 Positive Psychology Assessments
  • 25 Positive Psychology Meditations
  • 15 Positive Psychology Metaphors
  • 12 Positive Psychology Overview Resources
  • 46 Positive Psychology Interventions


  • Monthly updates 
  • Membership of the community of professionals and peers.
  • The right to use all the intellectual property contained in the Toolkit in your own practice and teachings and permission to download and use any of the exercises.
  • Support from a team of positive psychology experts
  • Access to a community of peers to network with.
  • The ability to network and swap notes with others.


How up to date is the information?

A team of positive psychology experts are committed to adding the latest research findings and information to ensure the toolkit is always up to date. On average, five to ten new tools are added each month.

How can I use the tools? 

You are able to adapt the tools for use with individuals, groups, teams and specific client groups such as children, young people and employees. 


How much does it cost? How do I subscribe?

Please use this LINK  to discover the latest information about cost and how to subscribe.

The clip below is a short promotional video for the Positive Psychology Toolkit and provides a brief overview of the main elements.