What is Positive Psychology?

Positive psychology is the scientific study of the positive aspects of human life, which aims to discover and promote the elements that can be applied to allow individuals, organisations and communities to enable them to flourish. Rather than repairing what is not good in life, positive psychology aims to focus and build upon what is going right.


Is it the same as Positive Thinking?

No. Although there is nothing wrong with having a positive mindset, positive psychology is much more than just thinking positively.  Positive psychology is grounded in evidence-based, peer-reviewed, published scientific study. It does not seek to eradicate ‘negative’ thoughts but rather to build skillsets such as hope, optimism and resilience.


Who are the courses designed for?

Knowledge of how to apply positive psychology theory into everyday life is valuable for anyone who wishes to increase their wellbeing, as well as those who wish to facilitate the same for others. Positive psychology can be applied in any professional situation and will be of interest to those working in education, healthcare, clinical psychology, counselling, social work, HR, coaching, physical education and leadership roles as well as those seeking to enhance their self-development personal relationships and parenting skills.


Do the courses assume prior knowledge of positive psychology?

We aim to provide a range of courses that will meet the requirements of the individual, from those exploring the subject for the first time to those who are looking to further their professional expertise or gain a formal qualification.


What Positive Psychology topics are covered?

The topics covered in positive psychology are numerous. Apart from the subject of general positive psychology, topics that are frequently studied individually include: positive emotions, optimism, hope, resilience, mindset, happiness, leadership, flow, mindfulness and character strengths.


The course I’m looking for is not listed.

We aim to provide a full range of courses to meet the requirements of individuals. If you can’t find the course you are looking for, please let us know and will do our best to find a course that best suits your needs.


Find out more

Before you enrol on one of the courses, you can find out more about positive psychology by visiting the website thepositivepsychologypeople.com  where there are hundreds of articles and blogs available to read on many different aspects of positive psychology.

You can also browse through a selection of recommended positive psychology books listed in separate categories on our book page.