Module 8 : Hope

Module Guide
  • The module is presented in video format above. 

  • Please pause the video to give yourself time to complete the written and reflective exercises.

  • There is a drop-down menu below with a list of video chapters to help you navigate through the contents should you wish to review any parts. 

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Video Chapters

Slide 1. Welcome.
Slide 2. Reflective questions.  01m.26s
Slide 3. The ‘Psychology’ of Hope.  01m.53s
Slide 4 Snyder quote.  05m.00s
Slide 5 Video “Ormie The Pig”.  06m.00s
Slide 6 The parts and sequence of hope.  07m.20s
Slide 7 Characteristics of the model.  13m.46s
Slide 8 Areas of focus for hope?  15m.34s
Slide 9 The goal?  16m.48s
Slide 10 Characteristics of a goal.  17m.16s
Slide 11 Will power?  17m.51s
Slide 12 Way power?  19m.07s
slide 13 Using this concept of hope. 20m:14s
Slide 14 Reading.  21m.32s
slide 15 Reflective questions.  22m:48s