Module 7 : Growth Mindset

Module Guide
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  • Please pause the video to give yourself time to complete the written and reflective exercises.

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Video Chapters

Slide 1. Welcome
Slide 2. Mindset : The new psychology of success.  01m.04s
Slide 3. Growth mindset research.  01m.20s
Slide 4 Carol Dweck quote.  03m.42s
Slide 5 Fixed mindset.  03m.56s
Slide 6 Fixed mindset drawing exercise.  04m.39s
Slide 7 Abraham Maslow quote.  07m.05s
Slide 8 Growth mindset “I can”.  07m.25s
Slide 9 Mindset in relationships.  08m.39s
Slide 10  Features of growth/fixed mindset.  09m.29s
Slide 11  Growth/fixed mindset chart.  09m.40s
Slide 12  Video “Famous Failures”  10m.05s
Slide 13  Mindset in action.  10m.26s
Slide 14 Changing your mindset.  12m.04s
Slide 15 Reflective questions.  14m.03s 
Slide 16 Reading.  14m.34s