Module 2 : Happiness

Module Guide
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Video Chapters

1. Welcome
2. Your definition 01m.48s
3. Definition of happiness 02m.50s
4. What makes you happy? 03m.20s
5. Can happiness be measured? 03m.55s
6. Self-reporting questionnaires 04m.33s
7. Sonja Lyubomirsky’s definition 06m.08s
8. Sonja Lyubomirsky’s books 06m.37s
9. Fact/Fiction 07m.14s
10. Dr Venassa Buote 08m.50s
11. Video “Can We Be Too Happy” 09m.22s
12. Benefits of happiness 09m.46s
13. The Happiness Formula 10m.34s
14. What determines happiness 11m.16s
15. The happiness percentage 12m.13s
16. The happiness formula chart 12m.53s
17. What do you think? 13m.09s
18. Two types of happiness 17m.28s
19. Identify both types of happiness 19m.02s
20. Hedonic adaptation 22m.20s
21. The hedonic treadmill 24m.14s
22. Chasing Happiness 26m.48s
23. Reading 27m.11s
24. Reflective questions 28m.12s