Module 1 : What Is Positive Psychology

Module Guide
  • The module is presented in video format on the left.

  • Please pause the video to give yourself time to complete the written and reflective exercises.

  • There is a drop-down menu below with a list of video chapters to help you navigate through the contents should you wish to review any parts.

  • A PDF of the module contents and links to videos and other course materials is is available to download in the links box below.

Video Chapters

Slide 1. Welcome
Slide 2. What do you think? 03m.36s
Slide 3. Originators. 04m.01s
Slide 4 Range of the discipline of psychology . 06m.38s
Slide 5 Video “What is……”. 08m.25s
Slide 6 Early days. 09m.03s
Slide 7 What do you think?  09m.59s
Slide 8 Please consider  10m.54s
Slide 9 Definitions of Positive Psychology  11m.42s
Slide 10  Missing definitions  14m.42s
Slide 11  Choose or create your own definition  16m.56s
Slide 12  Reflective questions  17m.19s
Slide 13  Reading  18m.07s