Piers Worth PhD

Piers retired as a ‘Reader’ (Associate Professor equivalent) at Buckinghamshire New University in the United Kingdom last summer, 2019. He is a Chartered Psychologist and accredited psychotherapist, in addition to having extensive organisational consulting experience.

Piers wrote and launched the University’s MSc Applied Positive Psychology programme in 2012 and worked on it until his retirement.  The programme established an international reputation for student care – a practise reflected in the work of PPL.

.His research and writing focus at the present time is the application of positive psychology to lifespan development, positive ageing, and in particular how creativity develops within individual lives.

Prior to this work focus Piers:

  • Managed the Department of Psychology at Buckinghamshire New University between 2010 and 2015.
  • Has a track record of Human Resources Management and Organisation Development consulting projects in blue-chip companies in 17 countries from North America, Europe and Asia.  Over a period of 30 years these projects have been characterised by supporting and achieving creative, courageous and often unprecedented change within these organisations.

Coming from a background of work in service industries, Piers’ work values and priority are the giving of service, and a willingness to undertake creative and innovative projects.