Paul Wong


Dr Wong has for decades been a leading researcher, writer, practitioner and teacher in the areas of meaning in life. He set out to extend and build on the work of Viktor Frankl developing our understanding of meaning. Paul has edited and written major texts in the field of meaning, e.g. two volumes of ‘The Human Quest for Meaning’. He founded the International Network for Personal Meaning.

His website contains a large range of his writings on many subjects and is strongly recommended for your exploration. Paul established and leads international conferences on Meaning that have bi-annually for many years.

Those of you who are reading the ‘Lifespan’ text will realise that Paul originated the concept of ‘Existential Positive Psychology’ in 2004 and has developed that in writing for over a decade. Core within his proposal for EPP is a model of our experiences and growth, contained within the text which will form a direction in which `EPP’ will develop.”