Full Course List

The Positive Psychology Toolkit

Created by a team of experts, the Positive Psychology Toolkit contains more than 350 exercises, activities, interventions, questionnaires and assessments that are updated each month.

An essential aid for people who are passionate about using positive psychology methods in their work to help improve the lives of others.

Introduction To Positive Psychology

Providing a comprehensive overview of the science-based knowledge of positive psychology, this course is packed full of practical tools and interventions to explore and apply in everyday life.

Run in association with Buckinghamshire New University, a 10% discount on their MAPP programme is available for those who complete the full course.

Meditation And Mindfulness Teacher Training Certificate

This highly practical course has been carefully designed for those who are already practicing meditation, or other disciplines, such as yoga and pilates, and wish to expand their practice.

The course is CPD (continuing professional development) accredited and validates you as a certified meditation and mindfulness teacher.

Strengths Champion Coach® Masterclass

This exclusive programme of high-performance workplace training and coaching is facilitated by Brent O’Bannon, the first-ever Gallup Certified Strengths Coach.

Offered at three levels of engagement it will help you discover your individual strengths and those of your colleagues, to enable you to introduce a strengths-based culture in the workplace.

Positive Psychology Practitioner Certificate

This exciting course is delivered by some of the best known scientific researchers from the field of positive psychology.

Of interest to those who wish to apply the principles to their professional life for their own self-development or both, the course is CPD (continuing professional development) accredited and certified.

Positive Psychology for Life Parts One, Two and Three

This interactive course is facilitated by Positive Psychology Coaches, Bryony Shaw (MAPP) and Kim Furnish (MAPP).

Every week during this six-week course, they will facilitate a 90-minute session on a different positive psychology topic that has been shown to improve psychological wellbeing, increase happiness and build resilience.

The Relationship Paradigm Programme

An online programme for couples who have drifted apart and want to reconnect and rekindle the love they once shared. 

Designed by relationship expert and writer Neil Wilkie, he will guide you onto the Success Path to a more loving and fulfilling relationship, offering support and helpful exercises along the way.

Self Acceptance Coaching Masterclass

Learn how to build a lasting sense of being good enough, regardless of personal failure, lack of approval from others or trying to meet external standards.

This masterclass shares insights and practical methods for creating a healthy relationship with oneself, based on research findings that consistently show that self-acceptance is a healthier alternative to self-esteem.

Emotional Intelligence

Delivered in six modules, this science-based masterclass will share the six important pillars of emotional intelligence and show you how to explain and implement them for your clients, students or employees.

You will be provided with all the materials you need to help others improve their lives in meaningful ways.

Realizing Resilience

After completing this masterclass, you will receive all the materials you need to deliver high-quality training sessions to your clients, students or employees under your own brand.

Research shows resilience training can improve personal resilience, developmental health, increase subjective wellbeing and improve work performance.

Meaning and Valued Living

This online course will be of particular interest to therapists, psychologists, counsellors, coaches and practitioners who want to help their clients find meaning in life and discover their values.

Feelings of isolation and meaninglessness have become more pervasive around the world. This course seeks to address the issues of a ‘meaning crisis’ and promote the meaning of life.

An Exploration of the Flow Experience

Positive psychology researcher, author and Flow Coach, Derek Tate facilitates a series of three interactive online sessions on the subject of ‘flow’, the mental state of optimal experience.

Knowing how to initiate and facilitate the flow experience will be of particular interest to coaches, teachers, instructors, managers and anyone involved in motivating others.