An Introduction To Positive Psychology

Your opportunity to experience the UK’s only university certified short course ‘ Introduction to Positive Psychology’

 ‘Introduction to Positive Psychology’ is a dynamic two-day course, accredited by Buckinghamshire New University, that will not only open your mind to new ideas and ways of thinking, but also connect and inspire you.

Whether you’re a coach, counsellor, health care worker, teacher, HR professional or simply have an interest in self-development, this course will open your mind to the possibilities of positive psychology and the impact it could have on you and your relationships, both in your personal and professional life.

Learning, not training

Positive psychology, the scientific study of the strengths that allow us to thrive and flourish, is becoming increasingly recognised and adopted in industry, education and healthcare.  This highly fun and interactive course offers a refreshing perspective on this exciting area of science. Dan and Lesley are highly skilled at sharing the evidence based tools from the science of happiness and wellbeing. Unlike most training courses, emphasis is placed on experiential learning.

 You will gain

  • An overview of Positive Psychology, its theory and application
  • Knowledge of how to improve creativity, productivity, relationships and self-worth
  • An understanding of the importance of strengths, hope and resilience in modern day life and at work
  • An overview of the MAPP programme for those who are thinking of applying for the course

The hands-on, vocational approach used by Dan and Lesley, will provide you with the skills and knowledge of the evidence based tools of Positive Psychology so you can apply them with others as well as yourself for optimised wellbeing and flourish in all areas of life.

During the two days, you will work in small teams in an experiential learning environment exploring:

  • The power of positive emotions, happiness and wellbeing
  • Strengths, how to identify them and utilise them in both personal and professional environments
  • Strategies from the theory of hope and goal setting
  • How to build resilience
  • The importance of a growth mindset

This course is run by Dan Collinson and Lesley Lyle, two alumni Associate Lecturers on the MSC in Applied Positive Psychology course at Buckinghamshire New University. They run Positive Psychology courses, consultancy and coaching within the UK and Internationally. Working with large organisations and for Government departments, they are highly regarded  in both the academic and professional world of Positive Psychology. They are co-founders of The Positive Psychology People website, a non-profit organisation set up to help people around the world access free information about wellbeing that currently has an audience of over 70,000 people.

On completion of this Introduction course you will receive a Certificate from Positive Psychology Learning and Bucks New University and be eligible for a CPD certificate of attendance.



MAPP Course

Many of our delegates are interested in the MSc Applied Positive Psychology (MAPP) course at Bucks New University. As former students on the first ever cohort, we are able to share an insight into what it is like to study for this Masters degree whilst also holding down a full-time job and having family commitments.

Additionally, as Associate Lecturers on the current programme we can answer any questions you have about content and delivery and how you can choose to complete the course on site, by distance learning or a combination of both.

Delegates who attend this course will be entitled to 10% discount on MAPP course fees (currently over £900) and we are happy to support applications and provide references based on attendance over the two days.

Listen to some of the comments of our previous delegates who went on to enrol on the MAPP course.